Boom Mat Tape


$ 25.18

Boom Mat tape solves the problem of noise, vibration and rattling from any surface, and seals leaky seams and holes.

Boom Mat Tape is a multi-purpose sound deadening material for use anywhere to help reduce road noise, sound system vibrations, rattles, dash board plastic-to-plastic chafing sounds, door panels, floor pans, deck lids and trunk area to name a few. It's ideal for any tool box and is handy as a preventative solution to aggravating sounds and road noise in the car, home, garage or shop.

Boom Mat Tape has the same noise blocking and sound damping qualities as our Boom Mat damping material. It’s for those hard to reach areas as well as for covering wire and cable harnesses running on or along the sides of floorboards.

There are many in-home uses for Boom Mat Tape as well. Apply to the bottom of metal sinks to eliminate ringing, sump pump pipes from vibrating, heating & cooling ducts, seams in drain gutters, metal doors and under metal work benches and home stereo as examples.

Simple to use, Boom Mat Tape requires no special tools. Easy-to-cut material easily conforms to a variety of shapes and those tough to reach areas. Also, Boom Mat Tape adheres to any metal, aluminum, fiberglass, plastic materials and many types of foam padding and fabrics.

  • 2 In. wide by 20 Ft. long
  • Easy to remove clear release liner
  • Peel & stick application
  • 2.5 mm thick butyl rubber with aluminum facing
  • Great to have in any tool box

Applications Include:

  • Covering Seams & gaps
  • Spot coverage for vibrations and rattling
  • Patching leaks in RV roofs
  • Cover seams, fix leaks
  • Secure and protect cables, wires & lines

“WARNING: This product contains a chemical known to the State of California to cause cancer and/or birth defects or other reproductive harm. –

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